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Janet Dean is quick to tell you that she is not a salesperson, she's a real estate strategist. She views her role as a consultant helping clients make smart decisions about real estate, whether buying, selling, improving or holding. She says her job starts by really understanding the client's objectives, then follows by guiding the way to ensure a purchase or sale decision to meet the client's goals.

She also believes that the Realtor and client relationship continues long after a transaction is complete. Janet laughs when she says it's the real estate version of the ancient legend-if you save a life, you are responsible for that life forever. Janet truly believes that a sale is just the beginning. She will always be there for a client, for anything from a contractor referral to a Realtor recommendation in another state or country; and of course, the next home purchase.

Following a career in corporate communications in both aerospace and computer industries, Janet launched her own PR consulting firm. In her spare time, she began buying, renovating and selling older homes in central Austin. Central Austin was becoming more and more popular for young buyers who wanted to put the sweat equity into their own homes. She was working on cool, older Austin homes, and doing quality renovations-not the quick flips that were prevalent at the time. People were starting to ask for her help with their own projects, and ultimately buyers started asking her for help in finding homes with good bones. That just fed into her passion for real estate and was the genesis of her business.

Her experience with Fortune 100 companies drives Janet's approach to the business of real estate, particularly in marketing properties for sale. She says that marketing a home is quite similar to marketing any consumer product; pricing, positioning and promotion are critical. Having worked with top brands her entire career, Janet believes that the strong Sotheby's brand makes a significant difference in marketing her client's homes. She says that particularly in Austin, which is attracting more and more out of state and international buyers, having a brand recognized worldwide for quality is an enormous benefit for clients.

Janet considers her hometown to be Tustin, California, though she has lived in Texas for over 20 years. A graduate of the University of Southern California, she's a fan of the school's sports teams, particularly football. She is a member of Impact Austin and is a past committee member for People's Community Clinic and the Austin Board of Realtors.

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